How To & Care for Vinyl Backdrops

Our 500mmx500mm custom backdrop size

How To

Svpply Co backdrops are best used for food or product photography. Simply roll out flat onto a hard, flat surface and you are good to go!

Care and Cleaning

Unlike paper backdrops, vinyl backdrops can be restored and cleaned for repeated usage. You’ll need to use a microfiber cloth with warm water – no cleaners or detergents. If you clean a printed backdrop with chemicals, you may damage or smear the ink. Make sure your cloth is smooth so it won’t scratch the backdrop. When you’re finished, leave the backdrop out to dry thoroughly. Never store a damp backdrop, as this can damage the ink or cause mildew to grow.


We provide resistant, quality vinyl backdrops. However, if you want to keep your backdrops intact for a long period of time, you should take some storing and caring precautions. To store your backdrop, simply roll up or lay flat. If your backdrop happens to crease or wrinkle, lay or hang flat for 24-48 hours.